It’s when someone kills someone, like on TV. Debbie

Since Bloody Birthday (1981) starts on June 9, 1970, I figured it’d be fun to schedule it for 50 years later. The opening sequence is voice-overs of a doctor delivering three babies during a solar eclipse; too bad there wasn’t one on that date, turns out it happen on March 7, 1970. We jump ten years into the future to witness a young couple making out in the cemetery. For whatever reason, they move to an open grave to get away from potentially prying eyes.

Bloody BirthdayI’m not sure in whose reality it’s OK to climb down into a six-foot deep trench to get it on, but I have to applaud them for coming up with the idea; it’s irreverent, gross, funny, and dirty (literally) all at the same time. Of course, they get killed for their troubles. I love it that it’s unclear who did it. The methods used in the kills aren’t normal slasher techniques; again, I applaud the creators for finding different styles. This being 1981, these ideas were trailblazing.

It’s always unnerving to hear a score that isn’t 100% sinister. While those elements are present, most of it is soft jazz. Arlon Ober made music.

I’d forgotten that comedian/singer Julie Brown had done legitimate acting in the early 80s. Well if that’s what you call this. I didn’t recognize her at first when she was dancing around topless. When she spoke, it hit me who she was. She played Beverly.

The trio who were born ten years ago, Debbie, Curtis, and Steven, are adorable children. Debbie is the ringleader of the group, while Steven is the weakest of the three. Many questions came to mind as I watched, but I won’t share them here, you should find them for yourself. Besides, if you’ve not seen this screen gem, they might scare you away from seeing it.

4 Stars

I hadn’t seen Bloody Birthday until recently. I’m delighted that I found it as it’s an amazing film. I give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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