#Lost80s #HorrorMovie After Midnight (1989)

After Midnight (1989) is another anthology film that threw three short films together with no rhyme or reason. They were supposed to be scary but weren’t really. I liked the main story about the sexy beast of a psychology professor, played by Ramy Zada, who is teaching fear. Now, that could’ve been something good had they stuck with it. I’d have loved a professor who set it up, so it looked like he’d blown his brains out all over the classroom; NOT…well maybe a little.

After MidnightNot funny

The first story wants to have some cheese but can’t stop trying to be conservative, so it was a muddled mess. The concept is great, but they didn’t present it in a manner that was remotely scary and not even funny. In the end, I said, oops, and not just for how the story ends.

Not Scary

At least the next has a bit more punch to it. Sorry, I lied, it doesn’t, but it was more enjoyable than the first. I wasn’t even sure what was happening most of the time, so I quit trying to follow the story and watch the stupid action. Sometimes I wonder how they think things are scary. At this point, we return to professor and student interaction in his house, and it’s Alison’s turn to tell a story, but she can’t remember it right now. What? Are you kidding me?

So Cheryl, Pamela Segall, tells a story that features Marg Helgenberger as Alex; she’s a night operator who broke a leg on a skiing trip, so returned to work early. This one is unnerving and a bit frightening, which was a relief, but it dragged on like five minutes too long, but still the best so far. Then for good measure to lock in some scariness, Allison takes over, but she’s not telling the story, she’s living it as Russ comes to take his revenge on the professor. This could’ve been longer and more developed.

3 Stars

In the end, After Midnight was mediocre, and I give it 3 out of 5 Stars.

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