Another post-apocalyptic film from the 1980s many tend to snub is She (1985), staring Shandahl Bergman and David Goss. This epic journey is completely amazing and feels like a continuous dream that changes from one strange reality to another; think Alice in Wonderland with a lot more LSD.

I remember watching this one on VHS back in the day. I think I even copied it because I liked it that much; too bad I don’t have any of those anymore. The story follows Tom and Dick, who are on a quest to rescue Tom’s sister from the evil Norks. Each step is absolute magic, starting with meeting She and her devotees.

While some…wait, not just some, the majority of the scenes are comical and cheesy, don’t discount it too soon. The absolute magic of each sequence is a delight. The music is excellent, also. I wish I could’ve found a trailer for this one because it is something to see (I did run across the full movie on YouTube, though that’s not where I saw it).

Do yourself a favor, and see this gem. I give it 4.5 out of 5 Stars.


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