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Liaisons Macabre is now available on Amazon, both on Kindle and Softcover. It’s a collection of short stories all about relationships. The stories are not sweet and cute, though there is a touch of romance in them, but not what you’d expect from Harlequin Romances. A dark cloud hangs over these stories. 


Excerpt from Legacy of the Mind

The hand laid on the cold pavement. Its grayness exemplified by the gossamer light of the Moon. The end, where it had been cutoff at the wrist, glistened faintly in the night’s glow, all blood drained from its core. The nails, otherwise perfectly manicured, held one chip in the middle finger. The wideness of it alone told any onlooker (had there been any) it had belonged to a large, Caucasian man.

A beetle, dark as the night sky, skittered across the road, drawn to the raw flesh waiting to be devoured. Its feast only to be witnessed by the Moon. Inches away, the bug’s antenna twitched, assessing the bounty before it, but before it had its moment to sample the delicacy the vibration of feet, four to be exact, disturbed it from having a nibble.

The nose switched side to side, and the coyote homed in on the discarded meat without seeing or caring about the beetle’s needs. It snatched the morsel in its hungry jaws and trotted back the way it had come to strip the flesh free of the bones and cartilage, never wondering how this bounty had come to be.

* * * *

Thomas’s eyes fluttered open as the sun peered through the angle of the closed blinds. He never used an alarm clock, allowing himself to wake naturally with the rising Sun. Having such a stringent life wasn’t for Thomas anymore, preferring an unscheduled routine to the hustle of working for a large company in an oversized building bustling with life. He’d given up corporate work three years ago and had never looked back. With his savings and retirement fund, he could live comfortably without his soul disintegrating beyond repair.

His sister, Tara, had challenged him to never return by saying the simplest of words, “You’ll be bored in a month and go back.” At first, he had thought she had been right, but after surviving the first month, the next was easier, and he had lost his banal routine. He stayed home, or went out as he pleased, answering to only himself, and Tara, of course.

Tara was the stronger willed of the two, and whenever trouble reared its head, she was there, hands on hips, daring the world to continue its tribulations. Her beauty hadn’t faded since the day they were born with piercing blue eyes, thick, luxuriant, brunet hair, and a body luring many men to her playground, but few were given the chance to ride the rides, and always on her terms. 

Thomas wasn’t anyone to say no to either. His eyes blazed as fiercely as hers, hair as bountiful and rich, and he kept himself in top shape, not bulked with muscles, but perfectly carved like Michelangelo’s David. He preferred to avoid confrontation, doing his best to stay clear of people who came to anger easily.

Since birth, they had rarely been apart for more than a day. They shared a lushly appointed apartment overlooking the park, ate breakfast and dinner in the others company and watched the same TV shows, but one thing they did not do was go out together. Though, Thomas followed, hiding in the shadows, watching what Tara did and with whom.

Tara had flaws Thomas didn’t understand. She liked to party, which included using drugs and drinking too much alcohol, and practically every Saturday night, she went to the clubs. Thomas despised her friends, thinking they were a bad influence on her, leading her to do the things she did. The following Sunday consisted of her huddling in her darkened room to purge the evil surging through her system.

Padding quietly down the hall, he passed her room on the way to the kitchen, a snorting snore pierced the door. Shaking his head, he continued to his destination. A bird perched on the windowsill, watching the world come alive, and catching his shuffling movement through the glass, took flight.

As he waited for the coffee to brew, a knock came at the door. His eyes darted to the clock on the microwave. He had no idea who would be coming by so early on a Sunday morning. Glancing down the hall, sure the sound hadn’t awoken Tara, he went to the front door, peering through the peep-hole.

A man in a nondescript gray suit stared impatiently at the door. As he lifted his fist to bang on the door again, Thomas opened it the space the security chain allowed. The man flashed a golden shield in a black wallet, then quickly shoved it back into the inside pocket of his suit jacket.


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