Incarnate (2016) gives an interesting twist on Exorcism that had me thinking of the Insidious franchise much of the time. And for some reason, I convinced myself that the boys were the same actors from Insidious and Sinister, which isn’t true at all; I think it’s because of the likeness among them.

incarnate_pAaron Eckhart plays Dr. Seth Ember, who had figured out that when he dreams, he could connect with the realm where the parasitic entities reside; see similar to Insidious. The one called Maggie caused a head-on collision, killing his wife and son, and now he’s on the hunt for “her” to destroy her.

The thing with Incarnate that I wanted and didn’t get and that was more. There were so many missed opportunities to make this a fantastic horror film, but they saved everything for the end as they do so much these days; someone mention on a Facebook group that the individual was desensitized, maybe, that’s what’s happened with me. But anyway, if the Incarnate creators would’ve given more throughout, I would have liked it better. The way it ended was very appealing, and that’s why I don’t understand why they didn’t add more throughout.

3 Stars

In the end, Incarnate wasn’t a bad film. It just lacked the punch that it needed to send it over the top. For that reason, I give it the middle of the ground rating of 3 out of 5 Stars.

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