I had higher hopes for Howling VII: New Moon Rising (1995) based on the previous installments; too bad it didn’t even reach Marsupials bar. To start, the name of the film in the opening credits was Howling VII: Mystery Woman, but when I did a Google searched, it only returned Howling VII or Howling: New Moon Rising, so it having an identity crisis right away isn’t a good sign.

Howling-NewMoonRising_pThe setting itself is weird, but I can handle that if it makes sense, and I guess it did for the film. I take that back. It didn’t. And what’s with the art noir line dancing scenes? With one, it was quirky. The next was an eye-rolling bore and didn’t add anything to the film, well besides the time that I’ll never get back.

The acting is the worst in the franchise. It’s like they just picked people from the street and asked if they wanted to be in a movie. If I were Clive Turner, I’d be super embarrassed for the writing, editing, and his role as Ted Smith, let alone my love for werewolves dropping a little because of this travesty in celluloid.

Halfway through Howling VII, nothing happens. It’s blander than any current horror film that I’ve hated. Then there’s a fart scene. Yes, you read that right. Come on, people. This isn’t Blazing Saddles (1974). And while farts are always funny, this was just dumb, and it didn’t add anything to the film. When it finally gets interesting with about twenty minutes left, I’m still bored.

There are two things that I liked about this film, the red filter when we see through the eyes of the werewolf and the flashbacks to the previous three films.

1 Star

If you have this on your watch list, I’d recommend removing it. I gave Howling VII 1 out of 5 Stars.

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