How I Write

I find it's important to write everyday, and when I can't, I notice that my mind is working, thinking of the possibilities of what could happen next. Sometimes, I write for hours at a time, other times, it's a few minutes here and there.

The Basics

the things that help me work

Writing what I see before it's too late.

Charles W. Jones

More about my writing

Other things I do to keep motivated


I believe every work of art deserves feedback, that's why I find it important to write a review for what I've seen or read, whether good or bad. It's what keeps the artist going and perfecting their craft. As an Indie Author, it's very important to me to get reviews of my books. So, whenever you read a book, write a review, it doesn't have to be long, and it can just be thanking the author.


I get inspiration from things I read and movies I watch, as well as watching people in everyday activities. I like to make up stories about people I see, mostly only in my mind, but sometimes those stories turn into something great. Much of Liaisons Macabre came from those stories.


I post in my blog and on Social Media about books, movies, and other authors that I find extraordinary; well not all the movies are great, but spreading the word is important, someone may like something I didn't and vice versa. Cross promotion is important so my followers will learn about something they didn't know and enjoy it as much as I do.