I did not know about Housewife (2017) until it showed up on Shudder, so I figured ‘why not?’. Can Evrenol directed and co-wrote it. They filmed the movie in Istanbul, Turkey; Can directed Baskin (2015), which I haven’t reviewed but liked (maybe, I’ll have to watch it again and do a write-up.)

The special effects are reserved for the opening and closing scenes, and what they show is enough to make me happy because the strangeness of this world is enough to keep me entertained.

The opening sequence is pleasantly disturbing and satisfying. Holly’s mundane adult life follows it. She watched her mother do some horrific things to her older sister and father, and is haunted throughout the film. Building furniture for a dollhouse seems to be her only satisfaction, well except when she’s masturbating.

The introduction of the cult with the name Umbrella of Love and Mind, ULM for short. The leader is a mindreader of sorts; he focuses on nightmares and fears, using them to unleash “the family” from the woes of their lives. Sometimes it’s super hard not to give spoilers so that I will leave it at that.

4 Stars

When I didn’t think it could get any crazier, the ending came and I’m blown the fuck away. You need to watch Housewife. I give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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