Before I watched House on Willow Street (2016), I read the blurb that, in a nutshell, says criminals take a wealthy man’s daughter hostage to learn later she’s possessed. Those simple words intrigued me, so I had to see it because there’s something about possession movies that always give me the chills.

House_on_Willow_Street_posterThis movie starts with Hazel and her cohorts planning to take Katherine hostage; I’m not sure why it took six weeks to prepare for the endeavor (I’ve never thought about taking someone hostage, so maybe that’s why). In the meantime have no idea what’s occurred inside the house.

Subtle manifestations occur, and weird thing happens. I thought it strange that none of the kidnappers were curious about the blood-shot patterns in Katherine’s eyes, but I think I might have had my reservations if for nothing else some weird sickness. Once they get her to the abandoned warehouse, the fun starts building, and soon chaos ensues. The effects, though CGI, are good; in some of the scenes had I been one of the actors, I would’ve started laughing in a few scenes, but that’s me. I think the musical score could’ve been more as most of the time, it didn’t do anything for what was happening on the screen, if there at all.

4 Stars

I thoroughly enjoyed House on Willow Street and gave it 4 out of 5 Stars. You need to see this one.

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