Many strange horror movies came out of the 80s, and House (1986) is a great example. It starts with a grocery delivery person coming to the house and hears a strange sound from upstairs as he’s calling for the owner. So, of course, he goes upstairs to investigate, finding the homeowner hanging from the ceiling fan.

HousefilmposterMany things don’t make sense with the film, like some of the flashbacks to when Roger Cobb lived at the house with his wife and son; it never seemed like it fit back when I saw it the first time when it was new, and it doesn’t work now.

Then there are the Viet Nam bits, which I remember my brother and I both agreeing at the time of release that they were odd; that thought hasn’t changed for me. House also has a Telltale Heart moment as well as one from Through the Looking Glass. The best part of House is the creatures. They aren’t CGI and are as freaky today as they were in 1986.

3.5 Stars
I think House has aged alright, but I’m not sure that today’s audience would get it. Thinking back to 1986, I think I would’ve given it 3.5 out of 5 Stars because it does have some good jump factors.

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