#HorrorStory Review – Fevered Hills (The Fever Trilogy, Book 1) Keith Deininger @keithdeininger #PromoteHorror


When I picked up Fevered Hills, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I figured zombies, but that’s only part of the truth; I’m not sure that’s what the Fevered are. The story is set in a dark future that is war-torn and strange. Each scene was vivid in my mind as I read, and I couldn’t help but sympathize with Martin as his story unfolded before me.

5 Stars

I’m very impressed with this first installment of The Fever Trilogy, and give Fevered Hills 5 out of 5 Stars.

About Fevered Hills

In a world savaged by insanity and unrelenting horror, an epic struggle between light and dark is about to begin...from an award-winning and #1 Amazon bestselling author...

Martin is disturbed. After a nightmare trek through a war-torn landscape plagued by a spreading psychosis known as The Fever, the sixteen-year-old soldier returns home to discover that not even there is he safe from The War. Soon he meets Elizabeth, who might be a witch, and Richter, a hulking, former philosophy professor with a pension for violence. Together they will learn of the true horror they now face: dark, insane and deadly...

Thus begins The Fever Trilogy, literary zombie fiction, extreme, disturbing and masterful.

About Keith Deininger

“Like Bradbury on acid” (Greg Gifune, The Bleeding Season), Keith Deininger is an award-winning author know for blending elements of fantasy with horror in his surreal, literary style. His work is often described as disturbing, surreal and cinematic, “its tutelary spirits are Barker and Lynch, Carpenter and Cronenberg” (Peter Tennant, Black Static Magazine) and he has been called “one of the finest writers of imaginative fiction out there” (Craig Saunders, Deadlift).

Deininger grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he wrote some of his first stories while in grade school, odd tales about finding dead people in the basement and about waking up in strange worlds. He then moved to Los Alamos, New Mexico where, in high school, he won first place in a science fiction writing contest judged by Ray Bradbury, who presented him with the award and said, “I really enjoyed your story.”
In college, at the University of New Mexico where he received his BA in creative writing, Deininger focused for a time on poetry, winning an Editor’s Choice Award in the literary magazine Conceptions Southwest for his poem “Grandma.”

His first novel, The New Flesh, was published in 2013 to critical acclaim, called a “dark and sinister debut” (Ronald Malfi, Little Girls), and Deininger hailed as a “prodigious talent” (Jon Bassoff, Corrosion). His follow up, Ghosts of Eden, was equally well received as a “twisted masterpiece” (Allan Leverone, Tracie Tanner thrillers) and a “psychedelic journey through alternative realities, familial relationships and the mysteries of the mind.” Deininger has since published several novels and novellas, including the horror novel Within (“Best horror 2015”, Michael Patrick Hicks) and the “Mcarthyesque fever-dream” (C. M. Muller) Fevered Hills. He is also the author of A Game for Gods, the first title in a highly anticipated, literary and imaginative dark fantasy series.


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