#HorrorNovel Review – The Long Red Trail by Jarred Martin #PromoteHorror


Lately, I’ve run into a ton of zombie stories and figured that’s what The Long Red Trail was going to end up being, but to my surprise and delight, it wasn’t. It follows the lives of the Reeves family, who have become sick, even the pregnant daughter. As I moved from page to page, I felt a connection to them and sympathized with their plight. Everyone in town has turned on them and it seems their minds and bodies have to. I was reminded of the story of Job as things progressed. The revelation of the cause of the turmoil in their lives was nicely done as I hadn’t expected it.

5 Stars

The Long Red Trail is a great read, and you should check it out. I give it 5 out of 5 Stars.

About The Long Red Trail

Is it something in the water?

The Reeves, a small town southern family, are sick, and the disease is growing stronger within them every day. Their flesh is failing, and their lives are falling apart. The town is turning against them and every night they find themselves embroiled in a gruesome realm of unspeakable horror.

But they're only dreams, aren't they? Patriarch Harris Reeves knows how real Hell can be. He's unleashed a terrible evil on his family, and now he'll have to traverse a harrowing trail through revolting nightmare to stop it.

He knows what lies buried at the trail’s end, but is he prepared to risk his sanity to unearth it?

Witness the ultimate in supernatural terror, the unrelenting carnage, and shocking brutality of . . . The Long Red Trail!

About Jarred Martin

Jarred Martin writes dark genre fiction that explores the vast expanse between good and evil. His work emphasizes character and internal reflection as well as the surreal and grotesque menace lurking slightly beyond the periphery of everyday objects and situations. His stories have appeared in publications such as L'Allure des Mots, Allegory, Fiction Terrifica, Bewildering Stories and the Halloween Returns anthology from horrornovelreviews.com

He's written three novels with a fourth coming soon, and his second collection of short horror fiction entitled Stranger Realms was published in October of 2017.


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