#HorrorNovel Review – Maniac on the Loose by Steve Hudgins @BigBitingPig

Maniac on the Loose by Steve Hudgins hit my radar from a 13 Horror Street newsletter; they always have a great list of Horror Novels, including mine from time to time. I want to start by saying that this isn’t a novel or a novella, due to its size it’s more of a short story. It is written in the author’s unique style that he calls the “Hudgins Style,” which is a combination of traditional story telling and script writing.

This slasher tale isn’t like any I’ve read or seen. It has many unexpected twists and gore galore. The one thing that bothered me was the lack of character descriptions, keeping me from connecting with them more; well there were basic remarks, but not enough to show me the characters as I expect in traditional story telling. The same goes for the settings. While this method of writing gives the reader more control of how they imagine the characters and the setting, isn’t it also the writer’s job to show the reader the universe they have created?

Even with those missing elements, I enjoyed the story. It is fast paced, and well written. And like I said earlier, there are many unexpected twists nestled within the chapters.

I give Maniac on the Loose 4 out of 5 Stars.


About Maniac on the Loose:

Lock your doors. Bolt your windows.
An extremely dangerous patient has escaped from the local psychiatric hospital.
Fearing that he’ll lose his job if word gets out, the head of the hospital, Dr. Franklin Grimm desperately attempts to cover up the escape.
Meanwhile, there is a Maniac on the Loose.

About Steve Hudgins:

Steve Hudgins is a Horror-Meister to reckon with!

VICTOR MILLER - Writer of Friday the 13th

Steve Hudgins is an award-winning writer and the founder of Big Biting Pig Productions, a production company that specializes in horror movies and thrillers.

Steve’s tendency toward plot twists and surprises led one reviewer to compare him to M. Night Shyamalan.

In addition to writing, Steve has also produced, directed and acted in several movies and stage plays.

Steve uses a unique style of writing he simply refers to as the “Hudgins Style”.

It’s very similar to that of a movie screenplay, but with slightly more description and chapters. This style tends to keep descriptive portions of the story more generalized, allowing for the reader’s imagination to fill in the remainder of the details. The “Hudgins Style” pushes the story along at a brisk pace, permitting for an extremely easy read.


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