#30DaysofTerror #HorrorMovie #Zombies George A Romero’s Diary of the Dead (2007)

For day 12 of 30 Days of Terror, I figured I’d continue on with George A. Romero, and talk about Diary of the Dead since I enjoyed Land of the Dead a lot more than I expected.

I was hoping that Diary of the Dead (2007) was a continuation of Land of the Dead because I enjoyed the storyline and was curious to find out what happened to them, but it’s not. This is a found footage sort of thing set before the previous installment.

The story isn’t anything extraordinary. Then again, survival films are about staying alive. The idea of it isn’t going to change from one film/book/video game to another. Survival isn’t anything new to the horror genre.

Diary of the Dead explores the realities of a group of young adults and a professor as they discover that the world around them has quickly changed. As they travel across the country, they are subjected to one harrowing event after the other. The intensity of these scenes is captured on camera by Jason Creed, who wants the world to see what’s actually happened, not the tamed down version that the government or the press is willing to share. The terror level is exceptional, though, predictable. I loved the visuals of the zombies and their attacks and things that happen to them.

4 Stars

Diary of the Dead kept me interested and hungry to see the next in the franchise. I give this one 4 out of 5 Stars.

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