#HorrorMovie Review Write-up – I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House (2016)

I wrote this awhile ago for a friend who was confused about this movie (I won’t mention names,) so I figured I’d share it with you. It’s a great movie, and I gave it 5 out of 5 Stars.

This is my outline of the movie, I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House. I didn’t include everything.

  • Remember what she says at the beginning, it’s important and is said several times, “I am the pretty thing…” Each time this is said there are clues.
  • Fiancé left Lily before married, this caused her to take a job in a remote location so she could get away
  • Iris thinks Lily is Polly
  • 11 months skip ahead
    • After the phone call with her friend it seems she hasn’t had any contact with the outside world
  • Mr. Waxcap comes to discuss the estate with Lily, because she is concerned with mold
  • Mold grows on water blister on wall
  • Lily asks Waxcap who Polly is.
    • He tells her but is vague.
  • Lily reads forward of book
    • Polly died at birth according to first chapter of book, and what narration says when she’s in the hall
  • Lily gets blood blister after rubbing book
  • Stain duplicated on shoe with blackberry, moves to skin
    • arm swells like wall blister covered with mold
  • Polly blindfolded – doesn’t want to see the truth of her death (in my opinion because she never lived)
    • Listen carefully to her dialog
    • The man follows her around the house
    • The man kills her, hides her in the wall
  • Lily is crazier, strange blur of her eating her sweater
  • Finds box marked Polly
    • Contents moldy
    • Notes about Polly
      • Moldy
  • Polly cuts finger on wainscoting, same place as where Lily had blood blister
  • Iris says “Even the prettiest things rot…” (mold)
  • Polly whispers in Iris’ ear
  • Lily – “it’s a terrible thing to look at oneself and see nothing”
  • Mold marks where Polly is hidden in the wall
  • Lily dies from scare of seeing Polly
  • Iris dies from neglect or natural causes
    • Mold on foot (actually looked like Black Death, but whatever)
  • Final shot of Lily shows her deranged, chewing on her sweater

It is my speculation (since this is speculative fiction, why not) that Lily died shortly after Waxcap left.  I think Iris died before Lily (probably dead when Waxcap was there,) because in the final days of Lily she was out of her mind. Based on state of decomposition of their bodies, I’d say around a week before he came back.

She tripped over the rug when she backed into the window when she saw Polly, causing me to believe that a substantial portion of the movie was Lily as a ghost. Think of how she acted when she went down the stairs when the handyman came, but she didn’t answer the door. She fixed the rug there too; a ghost can’t move objects without a lot of effort, so when she bent to fix it, it stayed where it was.

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