Sometimes I come across a horror movie that has an unexpected genuine sweetness, and Wilding (2018) is one of those films. I know it seems strange for that to occur in horror, but the scenes where Anna is learning about the world are just that. The strangeness of her being locked in the attic made me wonder if the man she called Daddy was her father or if this was some sort of child abduction flick that ends with a revenge plot.

As the movie progresses, the truth comes to light, though, I’m still not sure exactly what a Wilding is or how the creatures came to be. The one seen in Anna’s dream is different from what she becomes. The best I can say without giving too much away is that a Wilding is like a werewolf but permanently transformed.

Bel Powley does a great job of conveying Anna’s emotions in her transformative teenage years. And now that I’ve said that, I wonder if there is purposeful parallel to being a teenager and a monster. Why not? It seems the way of horror these days is to have similes and meaning in everything produced. The gore was minimal, but effective, though every bite looked the same.

In the world of modern horror, this one is better than most even with the lack of a lot of terror, and I give it 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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