I heard about Trick (2019) a few weeks ago, and after watching the trailer decided it’d probably be worth the watch. The movie travels across four Halloweens starting in 2015 with Trick’s initial slaughter at a Halloween party. Even after watching the movie, I’m confused upon his motivation for his killing spree that only happens on Halloween.

I found it even more bizarre that the authorities couldn’t find any record of him being born, his parents, his address, etc. He had to have come from somewhere. That’s just one of the holes that never were filled in. And the way Trick ended, it appears that there is potential for a sequel, which could work, they’ve done it with much worse movies.

I was very relieved that there weren’t many dull moments, and that it moved quickly. The blood spatter and spray was fun as it gushed from the victims. The masks bothered me, not that they weren’t scary. They were off the charts creepy. It was the consistency that was the Achilles heel for me. Each year was a different mask with glimpses of the original freaky-ass two-sided carved pumpkin.

The twist wasn’t exactly unexpected and made sense as it tried to answer some of my questions, though there are still some that remain without a response. Even with those danglers, I’m satisfied with what I saw and give Trick 4 out of 5 Stars.


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