Thirteen Ghosts (2001) is a remake. Though I don’t think I’ve seen the original, so we’ll pretend this time that it’s not a remake (wink, wink); just kidding, it’s on the list to watch, but I haven’t found it yet. The title is not so cleverly stylized as THIR13EN Ghosts. I find it strange since ‘1’ doesn’t resemble ‘T’ at all.

Thirteen GhostsThe acting in the opening scene is quite awful, and I wondered if it was on purpose to attempt to mimic a B-Movie. Either I became used to it, or it became better as the movie played out, I don’t know, but there seemed to be an obvious change from the first two scenes to the rest of the movie.

The set is cool, with Steampunk-like gadgets controlling the house. I was very relieved that the toilet was clear glass like the rest of the house; that could’ve been awkward. When the ghosts were shown, I enjoyed the make-up effects, though some reminded me of things I’d see in Hellraiser.

I became very annoyed when Kathy (Shannon Elizabeth) played with her hair while she stood in front of the mirror. Seriously, do something else but bounce it with your hand and giggle. At least, the presence of the ghost tried to offset it, but they kept going back to it this few minutes of the film.

2.5 Stars

Even with the good effects and out of this world set design, I felt empty when it was over like some weird trick had been played on me, and I still don’t understand what happened. I give Thirteen Ghosts 2.5 out of 5 Stars.

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