A more recent film found it’s way to the 25th installment of 30 Days of Terror. The Terror of Hallow’s Eve (2017) wasn’t what I expected, and I was happy about that. This film is another that proves that low-budget doesn’t have to mean low effects or horrible acting. I’m not saying that all of the acting was good. At least they gave the lead roles to actors that didn’t make me want to punch myself in the throat. The story follows fifteen-year-old Tim, who is into creating special effects, creatures, and gore. He also has an active imagination.

The Terror of Hallow's EveThe opening scene is like so many horror movies I’ve seen before, and I thought, here we go, more regurgitation of past film greats. To my relief and surprise, it morphed into something great, though the central theme remained…but is that a bad thing? In my opinion, it’s not. We get glimpses of what’s to come, though briefly until the shit hits the fan.

I always wonder about the grouping of pricks with little ones who hang together in this realistic trio to go after anyone they deem as lower or different from them. Sorry, I went off topic a little; stop bullying. The Musical score isn’t overpowering like so many films of this type and adds a nice ambiance. The make-up effects and special effects were great. Again, there are similarities to movies like Puppet Master and Dolls, but I didn’t care because the scenes were developed in a way that the world was how Tim created it in his mind and drew as the events happened.

The fantastic creature in the woods made me completely forget that this was a low-budget film. Holy shit, it’s impressive. I admit that I groaned when Tim woke up on the couch after the amazing kill scenes ended, but I was delighted with the trippy twist. I did scratch my head with the ending sequence. It was like an afterthought, that is, until the final scream.

4 Stars

I had a good time watching The Terror of Hallow’s Eve and give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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