For whatever reason, several films have remained on my watch list for way too long. The Quiet Ones (2014) finally came off that list. It’s an interesting film about experimenting on curing people of psychological ailments, who think they are possessed. Um, what now? That’s probably why it stayed on my list for so long.

The Quiet Ones posterDuring the “experiments,” they played metal music as part of the therapy. Seems like a good idea, I guess. The doctor believed and said many times, “cure one patient and you cure mankind.” A good theory if everyone were exactly the same. Jane and others believe she is possessed. The doctor, though, thinks it’s psychological and can be cured or she can be taught to control her telekinetic powers.

The Philip Experiment

From doing a bit of reading about this movie, I discovered that The Quiet Ones is based on the 1972 Philip Experiment. The idea is that a group of people can create a fictional character, then communicate with them via séance. Interesting. So that means I could communicate with Saul or Cody or Mary and Darrin from my books. The idea is intriguing in the fact that now that I’ve created them, they are real in a realm that can be reached through a veil of consciousness. How awesome is that? I actually love it. The part that bothered me was communicating through séance. How are they sure they are speaking to this “character” and not an inhuman spirit that pretended to be this “character.”

3.5 Stars

I’m conflicted with many aspects of this film, though I’m not sure it’s the film’s fault or the actual theory/experiment behind it. The Quiet Ones held my interest and I found it enjoyable, so I don’t mind giving 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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