I love possession and haunting movies if they are done right, and The Possession of Hannah Grace (2018) is a good take on the theme. However, I do wish they would’ve left it with the original title of Cadáver; it just makes more sense.

For the most part, this film moves along quickly, though, there are some slow moments. The opening exorcism scene is well done, and maybe where they spent most of the money to produce it. The remainder of the effects are equally as good and thought through effectively before tarnishing the film with over the top CGI. My favorite effect is simple, stepping away from the usual black eyes to represent possession. Using blue for one was creepy, and I appreciate the effort to change it up.

Megan’s back story wasn’t as exciting as I expected for a woman that was a cop and became a morgue worker. Shay Mitchell portrayed Megan rather well even with a few parts that seemed overly dramatic to me. The supporting actors are just as strong and include some that I recognize from TV shows: Grey Damon and Stana Katic.

The tension built from scene to scene, but I think working in a morgue on the graveyard shift would be enough to set anyone on edge. The use of strange camera angles was barely present and had more been incorporated as I think the level of creepiness would have gone through the roof. I liked the use of sound effects rather than what was happening to Dave, even though I really wanted to see that.

Again, I do wish they would’ve kept Cadáver for the title. With that being said, I give The Possession of Hannah Grace 4 out of 5 Stars.

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