The one thing Rob Zombie always produces well is darkness. I’m always amazed with the twisty, creepiness he fills the screen with, and The Lords of Salem (2012) is definitely filled with it. This film is not what I expected, to be honest. I figured it being Rob Zombie that it’d be filled with gang busters gore and horror. I was impressed with is restraint or vision to not have those things and go the dreadful route, telling an interesting story.

It starts out with Sheri Moon Zombie’s character, Heidi La Rock, taking a taxi, then fades into a Satanic Ritual. Flashes of the ritual continue through the movie, giving a glimpse of the past. On the downside, this movie is slow starting, slowly building, but at least the angst is present even in the slowness.

Heidi falls deeper and deeper into psychosis and physical ailments, diving back into the depths of drug use. While the scares aren’t deep, the paranormal experience is amazing. The strangeness is enough to keep me entertained and engaged. I have a thing for sets, and the ones in The Lords of Salem are eye-catching.

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