#HorrorMovie Review – The Final Wish (2019)

Remember in Insidious: Chapter 3 where Elise Rainier didn’t want to do readings anymore because her husband had died? The Final Wish (2019) feels kinda like that with Kate Hammond going into a downward spiral after her husband had died. While the character isn’t the same, it’s the same actress, Lin Shaye, and feels like it was trying to be an Insidious spin-off.

The Final Wish has a nice and creepy opening scene, then after that I had trouble connecting with the characters, especially Aaron Hammond, played by Michael Welch, who seems to be trying to hard to convince me that he’s worth my time.

The house is the same one used in Annabelle: Creation. I guess it’s OK as I’ve always liked American International Pictures reusing the same set in several of their movies. The Final Wish reminded me of Wishmaster, just not as good. Had Link Shaye not been in it, I probably wouldn’t have finished watching.

The Final Wish did have good aspects like the strange dreamlike state overlapping it into the “real” world. I liked the mental hospital, it was random and added an element of cheese the movie could’ve had more of to make it more bearable. Kate’s outbursts were fun, though reminded me of the Grandmother Impostor from The Visit. I just wish that they hadn’t shown all the good bits of the movie in the trailer.

I hope this isn’t what I’m going to get with the other 2019 Horror Movies on my watch list, a lot of nothing. I give The Final Wish 2 out of 5 Stars.

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