I first heard of The Black String (2019) on Instagram of all places. The snippets and photos that they shared were intriguing, so I put it on my watch list for 2019 and waited. It stars Frankie Muniz as Jonathan; yeah, the guy from the Cody Banks films and Malcom in the Middle. Other than the images and the trailer and short description, I don’t know more than that, but it still sounds like something I’m gonna love…I hope anyway.

From the beginning The Black String gives us a surreal look at real life in a small town. The story revolves around Jonathan, who has something in his past that is referenced but not really talked about, but as the film progresses, it’s easy to figure out what was ailing him.

I remain impressed that I still don’t know if what happened was real (to Jonathan) or all a real bad trip. He’s very awkward on the date with the girl he got on the sexy-singles hotline, it makes me laugh that those are still around. The moment they have sex is when everything changes, starting with the rash. Is he imagining it? Is he just paranoid? Whatever the cause, I don’t care because what I experienced with him was pretty damn amazing, and terrifying.

Subtle, but beautiful effects come to the surface from time to time, and its perfect amount to add to the level of bizarreness. And the demon or entity is nothing I ever want to meet. For a movie that I knew little about, I’m very impressed, because I was a little worried. I want to know one thing, though, where do I get a copy of the Level 3 pamphlet?

I was pulled into this strange world that kept my attention from beginning to end. Great job to everyone involved. I give The Black String 5 out of 5 Stars.

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