I loved the HBO series, Tales From The Crypt, back in the day, and when I came across Tales from the Crypt Presents: The Ritual (2001), I couldn’t resist the urge to emerge into the cheese. The movie has an interesting beginning where a doctor melts, there’s a girl who has a deal with him for something and leaves a handkerchief. Then we move to a hospital in the states with Dr. Alice Dodgson trying to save a child patient, who ends up dying, and due to that she’s suspended and can’t find work except in Jamaica to be a doctor to a man who thinks he’s a zombie.

Craig Sheffer

Tales from the Crypt Presents: The RitualI was delighted with the cast; Craig Sheffer, the one and only Boone from Clive Barker’s Nightbreed, Jennifer Grey, who was only good in Dirty Dancing, and Tim Curry, who I’ll always want to do the Time Warp with.

Some of the effects I found strange, like the spiders (I’ve had that same nightmare several times); one second they were CGI, then real, then CGI. It would’ve been nice for consistency if they would’ve stuck with CGI. Then again, all the CGI was like the late 80s effects.

About thirty minutes into the movie, I got bored, and the movie lost its appeal. Then occasionally bits drew me back in, only to let me drift away again. During one of the visions of Dr. Dodgson, I swore she saw one of the Nightbreed…I know right.

3 Stars

This oh hum movie isn’t anything I’d recommend unless there is absolutely nothing else available to watch. I give it 3 out of 5 Stars, just because the cast tried very hard to keep this thing going. Then again, I knew what I was getting into, it is Tales From the Crypt after all.

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