SiREN (2016) is another from Chiller Films, starting with a relatively good hook at a church in the cemetery, which is the scene of some sort of ritual with goat heads and circles on the floor. The participants are scattered across the floor. I wasn’t sure who the man was the police called to investigate the scene.

The transition from the hook to “present day” is a little rough for me. Another thing that made my brows knit together was the fact that the age difference of Lily from the hook to when the show her deserved a new actress due to the time that had passed, but Mr. Nyx, who we finally learn his name remains the same, no aging make-up, nothing to show that he’s older. Oh, wait, do Sirens age? Amazingly enough those are the only two details that caught me up.

The pace kept me attentive to what was happening and the strange brothel in the woods gave a nice ambiance and setting. Oh shit! There’s another thing I’m confused with, what was the blue-haired bartender? There was absolutely no explanation, but oh well, it was creepy and gross.


Of the five Chiller Films that I’ve seen, this has been my favorite; there’s only one I haven’t seen, the remake of Dementia 13. I’m giving SiREN 3.5 out of 5 Stars, well done.

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