For those who didn’t know (like me) the Silent Hill movies are based on a video game franchise. This shouldn’t prejudice you from enjoying them if you aren’t a gamer of any level. The first time I saw Silent Hill (2006) I had no idea this was the case and loved it (I still do), it’s like a living nightmare, popping into one reality to another just by being the right place at the wrong or, maybe, right time.

The musical score reminds me of cheesy 80s horror flicks with low budgets. The story in this one is interesting with unexpected layers and scenes that are chilling and surreal. Of course, there were scenes that didn’t feel as polished as the others, but there weren’t many (like many things before the car accident). The only character that was out-of-place in the beginning was Officer Cybil Bennett. The way she acted was almost robotic, then she loosened up once she was transported into Silent Hill.

I give this first movie chapter of the Silent Hill legacy 4 out of 5 Stars.

I wish Silent Hill: Revelation (2012) was as good, and now that I’ve recently watched the first, I move onto it. The beginning is diabolical with the dream sequence, then for some time after that, it was oh hum, though I did like how the realities merged randomly as we follow Heather/Sharon through her new mundane life.

The effects were pleasing, but the story was all over the place. I still don’t understand how Sharon came to be back in the non-Silent Hill reality, and why Rose couldn’t cross back. Then after the clunky start, we finally return to Silent Hill where the fun is. Having all the creepies is nice, especially the nurses, the sex noises they make when they are killing is twisted and wonderful. Was it me or was that a Cenobite? Well, I guess there are similar beings on every plain.

This movie has some great scenes and effects, but more that don’t cut it. I give this one 3 out of 5 Stars.

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