Sometimes I come across a movie that leaves me speechless, (I know, amazing) and it takes me a few days to digest what I saw. Possum (2018) is a psychological thriller that made me wince and feel uneasy throughout the entire 87 minutes, and completely unable to speak about what I saw as it processed through my mind. The reason for my reaction wasn’t because the effects and gore were on high, but due to the story and visuals presented.

The point of this movie was to stick with the viewer, and it did for me. The dark layer covering the story is phenomenal, as is watching Sean Harris portray Philip as he unravels. His dreams/hallucinations are uncomfortable, drawing me closer to him to feel his anxieties and terrors. He so badly wants to be done with Possum, but it always turns up, or he retrieves it; no, I’m not saying what Possum is. There’s also something else happening with poor Philip and his Uncle Maurice, but I’ll leave that to you to witness.

The cinematography was what my dreams are made of. I’m still reeling from the beauty captured in each scene. The soundtrack reminds me of the late 70s to early 80s electronic/industrial music, reminiscent of The Human League’s 1979 album Reproduction. At one moment, the cheese level of the sounds was over the top and shrill, but at the same time, it had the feeling of some of my favorite classic B movies.

I’m not saying that Possum is a must-see, oh wait, I am. This movie is a different level of horror that I wasn’t expecting, and coming from a man, Matthew Holness, who usually does comedy, I’m quite impressed.

I give Possum 5 out 5 Stars.

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