Horror films with a touch of SciFi or vice versa are always cool, and Our House (2018) brings something different with that package. Usually, the combination has an alien or monster, but this movie adds evil spirits to the mix instead of a creature.

The gradual onset of terror was OK for me in this one, unlike others where I lost interest within the first thirty minutes. Melancholy dominates most of this movie; the sadness of losing parents and being forced to change one’s path can always be terrifying, though that is just a little slice of what this movie has to offer I wish the emotional pull had been stronger than it was. If it were, I would’ve had a stronger connection to the characters.

The special effects were terrific with the formation of the spirit. The dark smoke filling an invisible vessel was extra creepy, and with every movement, it grew. Once the story got going the creepiness did increase with the visitations, Becca and Matt received from the spirits. Kate Moyer was the strongest in her role as Becca, though Percy Hynes White was close with his brooding sadness. That’s not to say that even their acting could’ve been stronger, which goes with what I said about the missing emotional pull previously.

Our House isn’t a bad movie, I just thought it could’ve been stronger, hence I give it 3 out of 5 Stars.

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