#HorrorMovie Review …of Chucky (Child’s Play 4-7)

Well, hello dolly. Tiffany

And here we go again. Chucky has been killed how many times now? Yeah, I lost count, too. Now, it’s ten years later and we get Bride of Chucky (1998). Apparently, Tiffany, Charles Lee Ray’s former/past girlfriend has been looking for the Chucky doll, and finally figures out it’s in an evidence locker with other horror figures’ masks including Michael Myers and Jason. So, she pays a police officer to get Chucky for the locker.

Before I continue, I must confess something, I’ve never seen this movie or the ones in between and including the most current, Cult of Chucky. I remember when each came out, and I shook my head. I’m sorry that I haven’t watched them sooner, this one is magical; kinda literally. Jennifer Tilly is amazing as Tiffany, who puts Chucky back together with his head and random doll parts and does a ritual/incantation from Voodoo for Dummies. The following scene is hysterical with Alexis Arquette.

The tone in this chapter in the Chucky saga is different from the previous three, it’s campier and adds the “teen-movie” flare to it. Chucky is hysterical, he’s only been a killer in previous the movies and his personality never really came through, until now. One creepy doll running around is bad enough, now we have two. Another great bit was John Ritter Pinhead. And I learned one interesting fact from this movie, a dolls gestation period is a matter of hours.

I give this one 3 Stars.

Obviously, it had to happen, and while it had some good aspects Seed of Chucky (2004) it was a long 86 minutes with a lot of bleh scenes are boring dialog. The child born at the end of Bride of Chucky has a “MADE IN JAPAN” birthmark on its wrist, which makes no sense since it was conceived in the USA and its father, Chucky, who apparently has the same mark, was made and assembled at the Play Pals factory in Chicago.

That’s not the only thing that made no sense or was just stupid, I won’t go into details, if you force yourself to watch this mess, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. It had elements like Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, where Jennifer Tilly is on set, making a Chucky film, but she wants to play the Virgin Mary for Redman. (Rolls eyes, just another big miss.)

This installment of the Child’s Play legacy is awful, and I can’t justify giving it more than 1 Star.

You have your mother’s eyes. And they were always too fucking close together. Chucky

OK, so I figured Curse of Chucky (2013) was going to be a continuation of the ghastly Seed of Chucky, but much to my surprise and relief it did not. I enjoyed this chapter in the life of Chucky. The set was a beautiful old house and the musical score added an extra layer of anticipation and terror to the scenes.

The fun starts when a package containing a Good Guy doll is delivered; it looks new and has the adorable voice that says “Hi, I’m Chucky, Wanna play?” Not amused, Sarah throws it away. Her daughter, Nica, is in a wheelchair, and thinks the delivery guy, who remembered her from school, was flirting with her, but her bitch mother quickly puts that notion to rest.

I liked the fact that everything was subtle, and as the viewer knowing that the doll is up to no good sees Chucky sneaking around, killing Sarah, putting poison in the Chili, his normal fun stuff, while the cast only sees him being there, then not there. Going back to the roots was a great thing, having a child victim made it more frightening. The gore was the perfect amount, and Nica getting blamed for everything a nice touch. The tie in with the first movie was a good move and made things make more sense, though, I didn’t particularly like the ending, I thought it turned a great movie back into something trite, but I guess I can’t have everything.

This one gets 4 out of 5 stars from me.

Don’t be ridiculous, we don’t even have access to real cutlery. Nica

Cult of Chucky (2017) has a euphoric, over medicated feel, which stands to reason since it’s set in a mental hospital. Andy Barclay has a ton of guns and Chucky’s head in a safe. Poor guy has gone way dark, we all have to grow up I guess. A flashback scene appears of him that I don’t remember seeing in any of these movies. I could’ve been one of those credit scenes that I rarely stick around for.

Nica in mental institution, speaking of, isn’t that where Andy’s mom went? What happened to her? Well anyway, she’s been brainwashed to believe she killed her family by means of EST and therapy. It occurred to me as I watched this that Dr. Foley was involved, then I realized no, he’s just a sick perv. The group therapy scene is precious, going from batshit-crazy to fucking insane when the good Doctor pulls out a Chucky doll, which a psych patient insists is her baby.

Tiffany visits Nica in the hospital to tell her Alice is dead and gives a Chucky doll; how many of them are there? Holy fuck. Wait Andy has the head in the safe, doesn’t he? Oh wait, are we finally talking about the dolls that were made with his blood in Child’s Play 3? Nope, though it makes more sense than what they do in the movie, which is a little disappointing, but forgivable. Maybe, they forgot, or did they need woke up? Something doesn’t make sense with it.

All in all, Cult of Chucky is good, not as good as Curse of Chucky, but noteworthy. I give it 3.5 out 5 Stars.

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