#HorrorMovie Review – Nails (2017) #PromoteHorror

I’ve had Nails (2017) in my Watch List on Netflix probably since they started streaming it. Every time I scrolled through the list, I saw and thought, oh, yeah I should watch that, but continued to scroll. Now that I’ve decided to clear that list out, when I came to it, I pressed play.

Nails is of Irish origin, not that it matters, and more twisted than I expected. The movie is set in a rehab facility where Dana is a patient after being struck by a car and left for dead. I wish they wouldn’t have given away the tidbit of information at the beginning of the movie with the attendant clipping a girl’s nails and saving them in an envelope, I think it would’ve made more sense to leave it to the back story scene.

A few scenes weren’t needed, but I guess they added them for more thrills. One that sticks out is when Dana’s daughter, Gemma, goes into an empty room and knocks over a tray. Yes, the feet that appeared behind her were creepy, but the scene to me added nothing to the movie.

Nails (the creature) reminds me a little of Marilyn Manson with the weird white eyes and jagged fingernails. The closet where it enters Dana’s room is bizarre and I didn’t understand its decoration, but that’s nothing against the freaky nature of the space. Another thing I didn’t understand was the nature of the last attack on Dana; when you see it, maybe you’ll understand, please let me know.

After careful consideration of everything that Nails presented, I’m giving it 3.5 out of 5 Stars; it was good, but it could’ve shown more.

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