Moving to a new place for work is always a little stressful, but the move for Lisa and Adam in Malicious (2018) was too easy. They walk into a beautiful house that is furnished and ready for them to start living. Too bad, that doesn’t last as Becky (Lisa’s sister) sends them a housewarming gift that turns out to be a possessed fertility box.

I initially expected it to be like so many movies from 2018 where it dragged on until the last thirty minutes, but to my surprise, the creepiness came on quickly with sightings of haunted people. But then it became monotonous and predictable. Even the aspects of Insidious and Sinister that floated in and out throughout the film weren’t anything special.

I’ve seen these effects many times, and they are getting blasé for me; dark eyes to indicate the demonic, then they are missing completely and bleeding. The lights going out in the house in phases was annoying and didn’t add anything to the movie. Adam cleaning the blood from the rug was disturbing because he was doing it wrong; peroxide is the magic eraser for blood, not a scrub brush and standard household cleaner.

When they bring Dr. Clark into the mix to assist them in getting rid of the “malicious” entity, I figured, oh, now it’s gonna get good. But nope, it was boring, well, except for the ladies at the table, which only lasted a minute. The ending was unimaginative, I wanted to scream, but I refrained. Again, we have Dr. Clark, who suddenly doesn’t wholly believe Adam. Seriously?

If you are going to regurgitate a theme, please bring a little something new because this shit is getting tiresome. I give Malicious 2.5 out of 5 Stars.

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