When it comes to Netflix Films, you can never be sure if it’s gonna be good or not; I can’t tell you how many I’ve started and quit within the first twenty minutes. The description for Malevolent (2018) sounded intriguing, so I figured I’ll treat it like the others.

Malevolent starts out slow, which seems to be the case with many movies these days, and I figured that it wouldn’t start getting to the meat of things until the last fifteen to twenty minutes, but it turned out to be around thirty-five minutes in, though for an eighty-eight-minute movie it’s basically the same thing.

Unlike other movies that I just couldn’t get into or the acting was so bad that I had to shut it down, this one had an interesting story. Brother and sister, Jackson and Angela have a scam business of being paranormal investigators, then suddenly, it’s not a scam.

Mrs. Green is a sweet old woman who just wants some peace from the ghosts haunting her house…I’ll stop there, you’ll need to see it to find out the twist. The make-up is done well, though a few wounds had they been real would bleed a lot more than they do in this. The set is a cool old Scottish residence with just the right amount of dust on the banister, making sure we have the unsettled anxiety the movie wants us to have.

Malevolent is much better than expected, and I give it 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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