I’ve seen some fucked up (not a bad thing) movies throughout the years, but I think La Noche Del Virgen (The Night of the Virgin) (2016) hits close to the top of that list. It was filmed and produced in Spain, and, yes, it’s in Spanish, but that doesn’t matter to me (sometimes I read the subtitles, sometimes I don’t), this added to the splendid freakiness that started the moment the movie faded in.

It is the story of Nico, who is a virgin, trying to get laid at a New Year’s Eve party. No one seems to notice that he’s there, though I don’t know how they can miss him. The actor, Javier Bódalo, has an expressive face that is hard to forget. This film, however, is one that doesn’t start with the horror aspects until about mid-way, but I forgive that because they covered each moment in bizarre comedy or dark visuals.

Each scene has a dark intensity that I haven’t experienced quite like this in any other film. Then creators throw in some cleverly inserted gross-out moments. When the comedic disperses, the movie displays gore and exploitation aspects that are heavy and bestial. There’s a moment when the action takes a breath, and it feels like that’s all there is, but another round of cord pulling begins, and Nico’s fight for his life resumes.

I’m not saying La Noche Del Virgen is perfect, not at all. It has its flaws like anything else ever created, like the animatronics, probably the worst I’ve ever seen, or even the amount of gushing blood was out of control. But even with those minor imperfections, I still loved it.

I give La Noche Del Virgen 4 out of 5 Stars.

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