This is a zombie movie I really enjoyed, not as much as Shaun of the Dead, but close. After a zombie attacks her boyfriend when their car gets stuck, Molly walks across the desert with a zombie following. Somehow, she’s able to keep a safe distance from it most of the time, and it seems to come to her rescue when bad guys try to take advantage of her.

The acting isn’t the best, but it doesn’t matter, it adds to the ambiance of the movie. The movie has limited special effects, mostly the zombies, and I think they are excellent. I liked how Molly started forming feelings for the zombie following her; had he not been a zombie she might have had a chance of being with him. The comedy isn’t overdone, though most is tongue in cheek.

If you come across this gem, watch it, I’m glad I did. I give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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