This is Derry. I’m kinda getting used to it. Bill

I liked the first installment of the It remake, so watching It: Chapter Two (2019) was a no brainer. It is approximately three hours long and is broken into three distinct sections. I don’t remember it being so noticeable in the original miniseries but is more obvious in the book. The first part is about getting the “Losers” back together, next is remembering things forgotten, and finished off with destroying It.

Sometimes it’s difficult for me not to hear things people said about a movie when I didn’t see it right away. This was one of those that I heard about. The biggest thing was that it was more funny than scary. Well I guess, I must have completely lost my funny bone. Besides the few moments that reminded me of the camp found in the Evil Dead franchise, I didn’t find it funny at all. Emo, yes, very much so, especially in the second part of the film that bled over to the final scenes.

The opening sequence didn’t jive with everything that I know about Pennywise and this dark version of Derry, ME. For instance, Adrian wasn’t a child…that’s all I’m going to say. The effects were in line with It: Chapter 1, which I didn’t expect to change. The higher camp level with some of them was off-putting, and the only reason I can think that they added them was to lighten the heaviness of what is happening.
There was a sweetness to some of the memories of the group as children that touches on what I was talking about earlier about it having “Emo” moments. Some of them changed to the dark and disturbing memories of abused children. The nice thing for me was the continual hee-bee-gee-bee spine shivers that I felt during most of these pieces.

When the final segment of the film begins, there are more cheese attempts with the effects, and the survival parts are more than what was needed with how long they went on. I remember this from the first chapter, too, but I still rolled my eyes when the giant vagina with lights in it opened; dang, and it’s got teeth. The ending was empowering for anyone who has been bullied. I’m not sure it was the intention, and it fell short for me.

While It: Chapter Two is quite long, it moves quick enough that I didn’t feel that I’d lost three hours of my life, and for me is the worst thing about It. I give It 4 out of 5 Stars.

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