#HorrorMovie Review – Isabelle (2019)

Starting a film with a tragedy is a good way to endear the leading roles to the audience, and Isabelle (2019) gives a full-throttle effort to do that. The scene was sad and melancholy, and does begin the story with a bang, opening the path for a possession that could’ve been so much better.

With each passing moment, the feeling of the movie gets creepier though at times it is mired with despair, which is understandable considering the situation. Larissa’s grief is palpable and her reaction to hearing a baby cry is heartbreaking and dark. The foreboding gives a nice flavor and the Isabelle sightings add to the tension.

The fact that main events were in the final thirty minutes of the movie didn’t bother me with this one as the sequences leading to it were dreary enough to keep my attention. The ending, though, wasn’t what I expected, and not how I would’ve ended it. However, it does leave it open for a sequel, if that’s what they chose to do. (It wouldn’t be high on my priority list if it were to happen.)

The musical score mixed well with the scenes and didn’t get in the way or make it more exciting that it was. The minimal effects didn’t really do it for me, though. Like the shaking camera – this isn’t Cloverfield – and the laser pointer eyes, really? This is 2019 and that’s all you could come up with.

The unexpected bits made this better than I expected, and redeemed the poor special effects, so I’m giving Isabelle 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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