#HorrorMovie Review – Hell Fest (2018)

I pondered for a while whether to write a review for Hell Fest (2018); it’s not like I need to review everything I watch, and believe me, I don’t. The reason I decided to write out my thoughts about this one is because it has some noteworthy stuff, just not scares.

The movie was more than predictable, and obvious copies of other movies; the one that sticks out the most in my mind was Hellbent (2004), except this version isn’t LGBT. However, the stalker/slasher theme is carried out nicely. I can’t say I’m not guilty of using cliché elements of it in my own works, but at least I think I added some spice to The Vow, which you can get for free if you signup for my newsletter; no pressure.

I was glad to see Amy Forsyth as the “heroine?”, Natalie. I fell in love with her in the SYFY Channel’s original series Channel Zero: The No End House; I’ve seen here in other things, but never really noticed her until the SYFY show. She plays a very level-headed character, and I almost wonder if that’s her range now that I’ve seen this.

The antagonist is called “The Other”, which is a role in the Hell Fest carnival, and there are many others wearing the bland rubber mask. That’s not the only bland costume, I’ve seen better at ComiCon. Not all were boring, though, the ones that reminded me of Fugglers were good; the carnival prizes were like them, too. The movie was more lighthearted than I expected, not comedic horror or campy, more like failing Sitcom.

The gore was minimal, which is disappointing given that this is a slasher movie; I didn’t necessarily want or expect Rob Zombie levels, but a little more than the few drops of blood would’ve been good. Only two scenes were memorable for me. The first was when Natalie turned to look behind her to find The Other watching her, and he puts his finger to his lips to hush her. The second was the final, when they show us the cabinet with other masks, which actually made me curious about him.

I’m not going to say not to watch Hell Fest, it’s one of those movies that you can sit in front of, and not miss anything if you walk away for a minute or two or three…or ten. It’s really nothing special and I give it a meager 2 out of 5 Stars.

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