I put off watching Halloween (2018) for as long as I could. I was torn with how I felt about the idea of the movie, and if I really wanted to know. I like the fact that they stuck to the original font for the credits, it gives a nice tie-in to the original, which I’m sure is what they planned. Of course, the original John Carpenter soundtrack is present, along with some new tracks.

I find it strange to see Jamie Lee Curtis with long hair, after seeing her with the short-cropped pixie for so many years. She portrays a no longer carefree person, but some who suffers from PTSD. Her story between then and now is pretty good, and believable; Laurie is fucked up from what happened to her, and JLC conveyed that well.

The foreboding is nice, the buildup exciting, and though it’s a given of what is going to happening, I still found myself on the edge of my seat waiting for the mayhem to begin. I do find it a little annoying that it’s basically the same movie as the original with the babysitting and the friends hanging together on Halloween night. At least they addressed the myth that Michael and Laurie are siblings; I hated that bit in the original arc.

The opening scene was the most original of anything that followed. I liked the surreal way they had the patients changed to cement weights in the yard. I found it interesting that Michael’s current Doctor, Ranbir Sartain, studied under Dr. Loomis, it was a nice tie-in. I didn’t understand why he allowed the podcasters to interview him and taunt him with the mask, or why he didn’t stop them when the other patients started reacting to it while Michael stood silently.

Even with all the predictability with this chapter in Halloween. I enjoyed it, and I’m a little disappointed in myself for not seeing it sooner. I’m glad they kept the story alive. I give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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