Escape Room (2019) is a concept that I couldn’t help but think that I’d seen before, and it’s quite obvious that it’s a non-gore version of SAW. Six strangers receive a strange puzzle box (don’t get excited, there’s no other Hellraiser aspect) that contains an invitation to an exclusive Escape Room.

Each character has a personal demon that ties them to the other, though they don’t know what it is until near the end. It is evident that whomever the Puzzle Maker is, there is a reason for them being picked to play together. When it is revealed, I thought it clever and diabolical. Each room has a puzzle to solve, and each gets more difficult.

The sets are impressive, and my favorite is the bar. The lack of gore didn’t hinder the intensity of the film as I cheered for them to escape with their lives. I found it strange that Zoey was the most interested in solving the puzzles, even Danny, the self-proclaimed expert, seemed more focused on everything else.

They left the movie open for a sequel, though I’m not sure that I’m interested. What exactly would they do in another that would draw my attention? Sigh. I’m sure I’ll watch it when it’s on a premium movie channel like I did with this one.

I give Escape Room 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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