#HorrorMovie Review – Dead Night (2018)

Dead Night (2018) starts with a scene from June 12, 1961 of teens making out in the woods that are killed, so I figured, yeah, a slasher movie. Then when they jumped to March 21, 2015, I wasn’t so sure of what was happening. All I know is that the creepy things and events in the woods got me excited, and they took them away. I’m still wondering how the opening scene and the rest of the movie tie in, but I guess it was to whet my appetite.

The strange creatures and the working TV sets in the woods kept my attention, and then they added bizarre happenings and the slasher style killings to the mix and I was elated. The flashes of the creatures are chilling, so be ready. The story of the family could’ve been replaced with anything as to the reason they were there, it held little bearing on what was happening.

The first time they changed to the fictional TV show, Inside Crime, I was taken off guard, but after a few seconds it clicked, and I think it was a brilliant addition. When I found out what it really was, I was impressed with the creativity of weaving something like that into the film. The character that stands out to me the most is Leslie Bison, she’s obviously demented, and as the story continues it is disclosed what her motivations are. At times, she felt like a cult leader; we all have dreams, and this woman will do whatever it takes for hers to come true.

The filmography is quite beautiful at times, incorporating those great angles that add edginess to a scene. The gore level isn’t outrageous or distracting. The entire film is creepy and weird with exceptional effects, though some are over done in this era of film making.

I liked Dead Night and give it 4 out of 5 Stars, even with a few questions that went unanswered.

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