#30DaysofTerror #HorrorMovie Darling (2015)

Indie horror creators have a broad spectrum of creativity, but small budgets to go with it. I know this all too well being an indie author. That doesn’t mean what is being produced isn’t good. Quite the opposite, most of what I’ve seen from this group of people is spectacular. For the 18th day of 30 Days of Terror, I want you to know about a dark thriller that I came across.

Dr. Abbot says I’m OK now. Darling

I’ve seen several Glass Eye Pix films, for the most part, their content is good, but Darling (2015) is the strangest of the ones I’ve seen. The entire movie is trippy and surreal with its black and white chapters unfolding before me.

DarlingThere is very little dialogue, and when verbal interaction happens, it’s strained and melodramatic and abrupt. The film uses camera angles like I’ve not seen in other movies. The overabundance is stressful to the viewer, which I hope was the desire as it brought me closer to Darling. She is bizarre to watch as she cleans the bathroom with paper towels.

The mystery of what’s behind the locked door is kept a secret to the viewer even when Darling breaks into it. Based on her reaction, I want to know what’s in that room, but I’ll never know for sure if my suspicion is correct; I think it’s empty.

4 Star

Darling is an intense delight, and I give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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