#HorrorMovie Review – Cursed to Kill (2017) #PromoteHorror

For some reason Showtime changed the name to Cursed to Kill (2017) from Patient (2016). Maybe, they did it because of the multitude of movies named or with Patient in the title. The movie was similar to Nails, but with a better story, that’s not to say it was a spectacular story.

The visual effects stirred nausea within me, which isn’t a bad thing. Not only did it have a slew of strange gore, it had some additional gross out moments that weren’t blood related. The suspense is descent, wondering if Rachel is going to slip and talk so that the curse can kick in. I wish there was more spotlight on the undoing effects, but there were only glimpses. At one point, I swear I saw a big hook ripping flesh away, and I loved it, but it was gone too soon.

The chilling strings in the soundtrack gave the impression that it wanted to be a 50s or 60s B-Movie, but it was too serious to meet those standards. The acting wasn’t the worst I’ve seen; something I’ve begun to get used to with this nouveau horror. At times, there was too much being added, like ghosts acting like in-human spirits tormenting Rachel to get her succumb to the cult leaders desires. Don’t let that spoil you from seeing this.

The good moments outnumbered the bad in Cursed to Kill, but I still can only give it 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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