#HorrorMovie Review – Child’s Play (2019) #PromoteHorror

White guy dead in a watermelon patch. Poetic. Detective Mike Norris

Before I started watching Child’s Play (2019), I purged everything I know about the Child’s Play franchise from my mind. This film is a reboot/remake, and is not intended to be an exact copy of any of the previous installments. Think of it as an alternate reality with Mark Hamill doing the voice of Chucky.

The Buddi doll is an AI device that connects to other Kaslan Corp. products. A smart home device that befriends your child because no one else will; friends until the end. It’s kinda sad if you think about. Seriously, the Buddi doll looks menacing and evil out of the box. The Kaslan Corp. needs to go back and reassess what they think is cute as do the people rushing to purchase these monstrous robots.

After being berated for slacking on the job, a programmer removes some protocols from the chip that makes the Buddi safe. And that’s how the robot apocalypse begins, just not in this film. As the progression of Chucky’s learning moves forward, I admit that I’m a little freaked out. Watching that thing is creepy, and when it wakes Andy in the middle of the night, I want to run screaming through the woods; sorry, wrong movie.

I enjoyed the uncomfortable feelings and the gore, both were extremely satisfying. Something strange came in this installment, and that was the fact that Chucky was just trying to protect Andy from people who left him or didn’t want him around, and to make him happy. Not a horrible twist, but unlike what I’ve experienced from the other films. That doesn’t make it a bad film. I liked it a lot more than I expected. The cheese was almost nonexistent, though, which was disappointing, but I wasn’t surprised that they left it open for a sequel (eye roll).

I liked this installment in the Child’s Play franchise and give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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