I was hoping with a name like Blood Creek (2009) that I wouldn’t be disappointed, and I wasn’t…for the most part. It starts with a flashback to 1936 to a farm in West Virginia and a German professor coming to visit. They are led to believe that his reason for being there is scholarly, but they soon find out that his intentions are more nefarious. Jump forward to present day, and where it gets boring for a minute. I know I want it all.

Blood CreekThe premise of the Nazis wanting to gain occult power isn’t a new thing in the film world. Blood Creek does give an interesting twist to the theme. Wirth was a necromancer vampire zombie creator. I’ll leave it at that. The quickness on how things escalate is better than most movies of this decade, so that made me happy that I didn’t have to wait forever for something to happen.

The gore level is excellent. I’ve been missing it lately, and I needed a nice heaping helping of it, so thank you for that. I’ve also been missing solid performances, and this was up there with good acting…well, better acting. The special effects at times, weren’t the greatest, using CGI when they should’ve used rubber and putty put me off, but I guess I can never be satisfied. How things wrapped up wasn’t a surprise either, leaving enough loose ends that they can pick up if they ever decided to create a franchise; at this point, I hope they don’t it’s been over a decade.

3 Stars

All in all, Blood Creek is fun (I still don’t understand the title), and I give it 3 out of 5 Stars.

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