#HorrorMovie Review – Await Further Instructions (2018)

I’m usually not a fan of metaphor horror or meaning of life horror but Await Further Instructions (2018) isn’t like those artsy things that try to make it subliminal or try to be sneaky about it; this one also has some good frights. This film is blatant about what it’s telling the viewer; there more to it, and I will focus primarily on that because the meaning behind it is a tad on the hypocritical side.

The movie starts with Nick, taking his girlfriend, Annji, home to meet his family at Christmas, who he hasn’t seen in a few years; I get it your dad is a domineering, pompous jerk, and your mom does whatever he says. Then we have Nick’s sister, Kate, who is a pregnant diva, and her husband, Scott, a meathead that dotes on her. And what family wouldn’t be complete without racist grandad?

Family dynamics are always interesting, especially during the holidays. The idea of being trapped in a house with this motley crew is terrifying all on its own, but they add in creepy messages appearing on the TV telling them what to do, and you have a house party like nothing you ever planned. It amazed me, how the strong character was the easiest to sway to the will of the TV, but Dad was mostly a robot already.


Even with the metaphor of media parasites feeding on humanity ultimately destroying it, I loved this movie…wait, is it really a metaphor if it happened? You be the judge; it’s on Netflix.

I give Await Further Instructions 4 out of 5 Stars.

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