“You know what I like the most about Sweet Sue? She looks just like you.” – Janice

I’m a big fan of Ed and Lorraine Warren’s exploits. I’ve read their books; Ghost Hunters: True Stories From the World’s Most Famous Demonologists was what caught my interest way back in 1989. And while, this isn’t based on actual events from their dossier, I’m entranced with the writing creativity of Gary Dauberman. I noticed a few copy-cat feeling elements, like the similarity to the “Toymaker” in Hellraiser: Bloodline, and the well from the Ring franchise, but neither were exact replicas, just similar. Then there was the pages of the Holy Bible on the walls just like The Omen (1976.)

Warning vague spoilers, skip to the next paragraph to avoid them. Besides my reaction to the car accident, which made my sphincter tighten, two other scenes made me “jump;” always a pleasant reminder that I’m into the movie. Poor polio ridden Janice is the one the demon notices and toys with, she’s the perfect vessel, she’s isolated because of the disease. She does have one friend who vows to get adopted with her, Linda. The scene where she’s sucked into the air from the chair-lift got me, I’m not sure if it was the addition of soundtrack beat that added to the reaction, either way, well played. The second is in the barn with the light bulb, it was like a nightmare come true for me. One other thing I thought was an exceptional addition was “the Nun” in Sister Charlotte’s photo of the Sect.

The pacing is perfect for me, it didn’t drag along like some movies do getting to the meat of things, only having the good stuff in the last thirty minutes. I loved the sets and want to stay the night in that house.

Lulu Wilson is turning into quite the exciting Scream Queen and great actress. I enjoy watching her expressions and interactions with the other members of the cast. Talitha Bateman was a great choice for Janice, reminding me of the confidence of Drew Barrymore in Firestarter. Her stabbing Sweet Sue in the face made me shudder a little. And the last budding actress I want to mention is Samara Lee. Wow, she’s captivating, her eyes are intense, and she has the creepiness down.

Annabelle: Creation is great, getting 5 out of 5 Stars from me. I definitely recommend everyone see this film, it’s well done, and frightening.

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