#HorrorMovie Review – Among the Shadows (2019) @lindsaylohan

On my 2019 Horror Movie Watch List post in February I put Among the Shadows (2019) (aka The Shadow Within) on the probably won’t watch section, because of who is in it. But, I made the mistake of not taking it from the master list of movies I want to see and ordered it. Since I’m not one to waste money, I watched it with the hope that I didn’t gouge out my eyes.

I’m amazed that they found actors who were so awful they almost made Lindsay Lohan look good(ish). Then again, what should I expect from a direct to video on demand release? However, the tactics of bad acting didn’t help her appear any better, making the fact that she can’t act more prominent. At least her role was minimal.

What’s with the dirty lens filter? That’s just weird and out of place.

They don’t transform like other werewolves I’ve seen, which I guess is alright, but I couldn’t tell the difference between vampire and wolf. Detective Kristy Wolfe is a vampire, isn’t she? Wait. What? She’s a werewolf, too? I guess I should’ve known that based on her last name. This film is so low budget that they couldn’t afford to run to Party City for a few werewolf masks. Seriously, had they not said they were werewolves, I would’ve continued to think they were vampires.

I cannot express the horror I felt watching Among the Shadows, and not because it was scary. This has to be the worst movie I’ve ever tortured myself with, and it gives me great pleasure to give this movie 0 out of 5 Stars.

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