#HorrorMovie Review – All Light Will End (2018)

I’m not sure what I expected when I began watching All Light Will End (2018), so it’s hard to say if got it. The film starts with a young Savannah being afraid of the dark, which I can totally relate because as a kid I had the similar fears; not saying they went away. The creepiness of the opening gave me hope that I’d have excitement throughout the film. Too bad it didn’t happen.

The story was good, I admit it, but it is another of those that waits until the last thirty minutes for something to happen that is spectacular. Some of the cast made no sense to me, like the actor playing David; to me he didn’t appear to be right for Savannah and they didn’t have any chemistry to prove otherwise. The group of friends were awkward, too, and until Paul puts the moves on Savannah I felt nothing about them.

One thing I really appreciated in this psycho-slasher was the melding of dreams with reality and flashbacks. It gave the film a dimension it was otherwise lacking. And like I said, until the last thirty minutes, nothing of substance happens. I get the idea of building suspense, but at what cost to the audience? If I’m bored, the chances of me not finishing watching it are higher.

I wouldn’t rush to watch All Light Will End, it’s another on the heap of mediocre horror. I give it 2.5 out of 5 Stars.

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