I’m going to be brutally honest with on this one, A Demon Within (2017) is flawed. I’m not saying there is an absolutely perfect movie, and if you think there is, let me know, I’d like to see it; I bet it’s not.

A Demon WithinLet’s start with the opening scene as a good example. It’s 1914, yet the set is not. My eye caught the wiring in the basement, which is modern, not knob and tubing that they used in 1914. Don’t get me started on the sheetrock or the clothes, which were not of the era either.

I get it, it’s a low-budget, Indie, B-Movie, but come on, at least pay attention to the little details. Now let’s talk about the make-up, which was believable. I wish you could’ve seen my eyes rolling when I wrote that. It wasn’t the worst make-up I’ve seen, but very close. Seriously? What’s with those teeth? On the other hand, I loved the smoke like visual effects of the spirit/demon; I guess it’s where they spent the money, and for me, it paid off.

The story isn’t anything special either. It’s a typical possession movie, though the demon worked quickly to take control of its victim, which is unusual. I didn’t mind that part.

The cast is OK for the most part if you try to not think about the awkward moments when the Sheriff or the priest are present. I tried to imagine what the casting director had to choose from to believe that these two actors were the best.

Dr. Jeremy Miller is a brooding male, who appears to drink too much. I have characters like that, also, where they are merely filling the void or dulling the voices – Clint Hummel looks familiar, but after looking at his bio I’m not sure where, I’ve not seen anything else he’s been in – he has something in his past that we get to see in installments. Julia Larsen and her daughter, Charlotte, aren’t horrible, I just expected more emotion.

It always surprises me with the flaws I find that I actually enjoyed a film. A Demon Within is filled with them, but I still liked it and gave it 3.5 out of 5 Stars. For a low-budget, Indie, B-Movie, it could’ve been a lot worse.

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